Howdy! My name is Felicia Padilla. I am from Dallas, TX. My greatest passions are dancing, traveling, and helping others. I am extremely interested in Veganism (ethical and health), Buddhism, and reading books by Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, and The Dalai Lama. I am currently a sophomore¬†at the University of Oklahoma (OU). I am majoring in Sociology Pre-Medicine with a minor in International Security Studies. ¬†I plan to join a joint MD PhD program because I am extremely interested in research, so I might decide not to pursue a medical degree plan. My biggest dream is to win a Nobel Prize. At OU I am a Global Engagement Fellow (GEF). As a GEF I am encouraged to be an active member of the global community. I will be studying abroad twice during my four years at OU: once for a few weeks in the summer, and once for an entire semester. This past summer I spent three weeks in Gulu, Uganda working on a water sanitation project with Sister Rosemary and St. Monica Tailoring School. I plan on going back to Uganda this summer 2017 to work with Sister Rosemary and the Children’s Home in Moyo, Uganda. I thought being a Global Engagement Fellow would give me a great introduction to life and career options abroad. I really hope to gain a deeper understanding of the International community while involved in the Global Engagement Program. I am excited to share my journey at OU and abroad with whoever comes across this blog!

Thanks for stopping by!

– Felicia