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January 2018

GEF Fall meeting

This fall we had our GEF Fall meeting and it focused on the Fulbright Scholarship. We went over exactly what the program is (both the teaching scholarship and the research scholarship), how and when to apply for the scholarship, how… Continue Reading →

GEF Advisory Board Update

A little over a year ago,  I applied to be part of the Global Engagement Fellowship Advisory Board (this was the first time there was to be an advisory board). I applied to be a member of the Recruitment team… Continue Reading →

All About WATER in Adjumani

Adjumani District in Uganda  Community Ideas about Water “Water is life” was heard in every village “Water gives strength” Water is used for drinking, bathing, cooking, cleaning, washing, animals, gardens, constructing, brewing, sanitation Pavuraga 10 jerrycans of water for 4 jerrycans… Continue Reading →

All About Adjumani

Adjumani District in Uganda Politics, War, Religion Some villages in the region are strongly Catholic Pavuraga and Mocope are both 99% Catholic Paridi is inclusive of Mulsims and Sudanese Okawa mentioned that new faces meant that their village was a… Continue Reading →

Sister Rosemary Event

On September 27th, Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe came and spoke at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. She was the keynote speaker for the inaugural dinner for the opening of the new Center for Peace and Development. This center is… Continue Reading →

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