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Water is Life

As almost everyone in Northern Uganda says, water is life and life cannot continue without water. To emphasize how important water is to the people of Northern Uganda, I want to highlight the difficulties that they face. In the United… Continue Reading →

Uganda 2017

  Although I have been to Gulu before, there were many things that I noticed this summer that I didn’t notice my first time here. My impression of the town has definitely changed since the last time I was here…. Continue Reading →

GEF Advisory Board

Last year I applied to be part of the Global Engagement Fellowship Advisory Board (this was the first time there was to be an advisory board). I applied to be a member of the Recruitment team because I really want… Continue Reading →

My Spring Break Trip

I just realized that I never talked about my Spring Break trip! Over Spring Break I had the opportunity to travel to Europe. This was my first time in Europe, and my second time abroad. The only thing was that… Continue Reading →

Global Engagement Day

Let’s talk about Global Engagement Day. This was my first time being on a panel for the event, and I really enjoyed answering questions from other Global Engagement Fellows. I was on the panel about non-traditional study abroad. I studied… Continue Reading →

Sister Rosemary International Event

At the beginning of this past semester (Spring 2017), Sister Rosemary came to speak at OU. Sister Rosemary came to speak to students about St. Monica School in Gulu, as well as about other projects that she was working on…. Continue Reading →

Sooners Without Borders pt.3

I have written about Sooners Without Borders for the past two semesters, and I am here to do an update on my experience with the program this past semester. Unfortunately, I do think that this will be my last semester… Continue Reading →

My FOURTH Semester

Let’s talk about time. Time goes by so quickly. I cannot comprehend that I am halfway to a college degree. Even more, I cannot believe that I am halfway done with OU. This semester I took Criminology, Spanish, Global Security,… Continue Reading →

Syrian Refugee Event

  *In replacement of Spring GEF meeting I attended an event on the Syrian Refugee Crisis. The event took place on Wednesday, April 12th and was hosted in Farzaneh Hall 146. The event began with us watching the Documentary 4.1… Continue Reading →

India Nite Fusion

*in place of attending Fall Meeting I attended India Nite Fusion on Saturday April 22nd at Reynolds Performing Arts Center. The event was presented by South Asian Student Association. This was the first event I attended that had been presented… Continue Reading →

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