I am really excited to announce that I will be traveling to Uganda once again. OU will be continuing its relationship with Sister Rosemary and St. Monica Tailoring School for girls. I couldn’t be more excited! I cannot wait to see what progress we are able to make on the water and sanitation development of the compound, Gulu town, Adjumani, and Atiak. These locations were our main focus last summer, so it will be great to get to see the residents again and continue developing relationships with them. This summer, I really want to keep a journal of the Acholi language, which is spoken mostly in Gulu (of the places we visited). I would love to keep a journal of the language because I want to incorporate language into my Fulbright Research Idea. I have really been thinking about the Fulbright and what I might want to focus my research on, and I would like to continue working in Uganda. I plan to go to Uganda for three summers during my undergraduate years at OU. If I do decide to pursue a masters degree at OU, hopefully I would get to travel there again. For Summer 2017, I really want to take many more pictures. I feel like I didn’t get enough pictures for me to remember a lot of┬áthe details about my trip. One plus to going again is that now I know what I really need to bring on the trip ( it also helps that I have a lot of the clothing and supplies I bought for last summer still in my possession).