Last year I applied to be part of the Global Engagement Fellowship Advisory Board (this was the first time there was to be an advisory board). I applied to be a member of the Recruitment team because I really want to help promote the program to high school students. I love talking to younger students about activities that I am passionate about, and I am truly passionate about the GEF program. Because I studied abroad in Uganda last summer, I hoped to use my experience abroad to get high school students who were planning on attending OU to apply for the fellowship!  I had the idea to film my experience, vlogging style, and put together a short video that could be used basically as a recruitment video to get younger students interested in studying abroad. I did get some video of my trip, but not as much as I wanted. Since I am going to Uganda again this summer, I hope I can get some more footage so that I can make a more complete video of my time there. I think I mentioned this about the program, but I just happened to stumble upon this opportunity when I was on my OU account, but I hadn’t heard of it until right before the application was due. I was very lucky to notice a little blurb about the program, but I am sure many people missed the opportunity to apply because they didn’t know about the program. I really want every student applying to OU to be aware of the program. My goal is to make a recruitment video that shows how awesome it is to go abroad, and basically inspire people to not only apply to the program if they are eligible, but also to get those students who are already at OU, who aren’t eligible for the program, to study abroad anyway. I think we really need to go out and speak to high schoolers so they know how relevant the program is. Without the GEF program, I wouldn’t be able to study abroad, so I want every student to have the opportunity to visit other countries and learn about different cultures. I cannot wait to go to Uganda in June and vlog my entire experience. I plan to make several short clips to post on here, but my actual recruitment video will be more action (go pro) style. Unfortunately, we didn’t really get to do anything with the advisory board this year, but we did have a few meetings early on to discuss what recruitment could look like. I really hope we continue the advisory board and get to do some great recruiting in the future!