Let’s talk about Global Engagement Day. This was my first time being on a panel for the event, and I really enjoyed answering questions from other Global Engagement Fellows. I was on the panel about non-traditional study abroad. I studied abroad in Uganda last summer, so this location definitely qualified as non-traditional. Not too many people study abroad in Africa, and if I’m correct the other main country that does a study abroad program at OU is Tanzania (the journey program). In fact, last year when I was on the Uganda trip, there was somebody in the group who had previously studied abroad with the Tanzania Journey Program. I talked about this at the panel, but although I would like to work in other African countries, I think that during my time at OU I will only be studying abroad in Uganda. I got asked why I wasn’t planning on studying elsewhere, ans as of right now I would really like to establish a relationship with St. Monica School. The School is run by Sister Rosemary, and I would like to intern at the clinic there next summer. On the panel we also talked about safety, stereotypes, weird food items, and our overall experience. Of course, since I am going back to Uganda this summer, it was easy to say that the study abroad trip was absolutely amazing. For next year, I am excited to be on a panel again so I can talk more about Uganda, and I may even have a digital story to share this time!