*in place of attending Fall Meeting

I attended India Nite Fusion on Saturday April 22nd at Reynolds Performing Arts Center. The event was presented by South Asian Student Association. This was the first event I attended that had been presented by this organization. India Nite began with the National Anthems of both the United States and India. This was the first time I had heard the National Anthem of India. I found it interesting that much of the crowd sang along pretty loudly to the national anthem. In the United States it seems that we kind of sing the song to ourselves when it is playing, but rarely do I ever hear people singing it out loud. I also found it interesting that during the national anthem of India, everyone kept their right hand over their chest. I guess I never realized that many countries have some of the same customs when it comes to their national anthem, but now when I think about it when I watch the Olympics I often see competitors from other countries holding their right hand over their heart during the singing of their country’s national anthem.  India Nite was a dance competition between a variety of different teams. There was the Chalak group, the Soniyes, Texas A&M’s Chingaarii, Sapna, and UTD’s Sharara group. I had a ton of fun watching all of the dances, and I loved how you could see each of the teams incorporating many styles of dance. There was hip-hop, ballet, jazz, and traditional dance incorporated into each of the performances. All of the performers were so vibrant with their facial expressions, and the costumes were bright, sparkly, and looked great from the audience! After the show we went to the dinner that was part of the event. My favorite part of the meal was the naan bread! I love naan bread and I definitely had way too many pieces. I will definitely be attending more events put on by the South Asian Student Association, and I cannot wait for India Nite 2018.