As a Resident Advisor in the Cate Residence hall, I am also responsible for putting on small scale and large scale events for the residents to enjoy. For the most part, my supervisor Jordan Weaver, who is in charge of alternative programming, is in charge of planning events, but we have weekly meetings where all of the RAs get together to discuss possible programming ideas. During Hispanic Heritage Month, Sep 15th to Oct 15th, Cate hosted a Mariachi Band as well as traditional Mexican food. We had items such as pollo con arroz (chicken and rice), flan ( which is like a saucy caramel cake), and a few more traditional dishes. It was great to see some traditional food instead of tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, which many people think are the main, traditional Mexican foods. I was also really pleased with the Mariachi band. I hadn’t had the chance to hear a live mariachi band since my last cousin’s quinceanera, which was probably like six years ago. I really love it when people get to experience traditional Mexican culture, because I really value it and I want others to value it too. It was so great to see so many students truly enjoying the traditional Mariachi music, and I hope that we can put on some other events that showcase the aspects of other cultures! My favorite part of the event was when people would come up and ask what exactly the food was and what was  in it, and I was able to actually answer them because these are foods that I have been eating my entire life. Several of the students remarked that they didn’t know that this is what they eat in Mexico, and it was funny and saddening at the same time. It really is a shame how little we know about other cultures, even from countries like Mexico that is so close to the United States. Hopefully, we can use our programming to educate the students on other traditions from around the world!