Let’s talk about time. Time goes by so quickly. I cannot comprehend that I am halfway to a college degree. Even more, I cannot believe that I am halfway done with OU. This semester I took Criminology, Spanish, Global Security, Methods of Social Research, and Inequality in a Global Perspective. I really enjoyed my classes this semester. My favorite class was Inequality in a Global Perspective. It is a Sociology class. I really enjoyed it because it covered inequality within and between countries. I really enjoy learning about differences between countries, and my professor was really knowledgeable about the many topics we covered. My second favorite class was Global Security. I will admit, it was a little frightening learning about all of the security difficulties that occur between countries, and I kind of feel like ignorance really is bliss when it comes to this topic, but in the end it is beneficial to know how countries interact with each other when it comes to the military, cyber-security, politics, and ally relations. Before taking this class, I didn’t really have much knowledge on relations between certain countries, but now I know a lot more about how states act in the global community. This was the first class I took for my International Security minor, and I really think everyone should at least minor in some type of International Area Study. I really picked up on my Spanish this semester. I can really hold a conversation with native speakers, although I still comprehend and speak much slower than they do! I am excited to work at Braum’s this summer so I can practice my Spanish (we have a lot of Spanish speakers that come in and order food and they often expect me to speak Spanish).