I am officially done with my third semester at The University of Oklahoma. I am halfway through my sophomore year at the university. This past semester has been my hardest semester yet. I have been very overwhelmed the entire semester, and I think I had bitten off more than it was healthy to chew. This was my first semester as a Resident Advisor, and boy, I did not expect the time commitment to be as much as it was. I truly love the position, the people I work with, and the experience, but it is a lot to have to work from 8pm to 2am several nights a week and then have to get up at 3 am when residents lock themselves out of their rooms. Although the job can be tough, I wouldn’t trade it. I will continue as a Resident Advisor for the spring semester. I will be returning back to Norman on January 2nd. This means I only get a two week winter vacation. I have to be back early in January because of spring training. Other than RA, I was very busy during the semester with my classes. I enjoyed most of my classes, but I sure am ready to start a new set of classes this spring semester. Unfortunately, the end of my semester was met with some really tough and heartbreaking news. On thanksgiving day, one of my good friends from high school passed away in her sleep due to diabetic complications. I had known Dariana for four years, and had dance class with her everyday for three years. It is extremely hard to see a person who was such a star on stage and had so much greatness ahead of them be cut short of their future potential. Our whole school was in a state of disbelief. There was a memorial service held outside of the school the next day where hundreds of people gathered. This was our┬áthird Booker T. angel in just a little over a year. The following day, another student from Booker T. lost her long-term battle with depression. This really shook everyone up. We had four Booker T. angels in one year. After learning of all of this news, I found myself really sad. It wasn’t the way I would have wanted to end the semester. It was even worse because I couldn’t attend the memorial services that weekend because I was working at school. The whole situation just really made me think that any day could be our last day, and any time could be my last time with my family, my friends, and at OU. Although my semester was really difficult, I am looking forward to a fresh, new semester.