At the beginning of this past semester (Spring 2017), Sister Rosemary came to speak at OU. Sister Rosemary came to speak to students about St. Monica School in Gulu, as well as about other projects that she was working on. The first time I heard Sister Rosemary speak was when I was a freshman in President’s Community Scholars. We were lucky enough to hear about her life in Uganda. After hearing her speak, I knew that I wanted to study abroad in Uganda. I was really happy to sit down with Sister Rosemary and students who were thinking about studying abroad in Uganda after the speech. We met in one of the lounges in the Union and got to describe our experience in Uganda. Since I was on the Water Track, I spoke about our contributions to a water sanitation project in Gulu. It was great to talk about what we learned while on the trip, and to encourage other students to go on the trip. Although I loved talking with other students, of course I really loved getting to hear Sister Rosemary speak again. I don’t think any of her speeches will ever get old to me. She is an inspiration, and I am so lucky that I have gotten the chance to work with her.